About Us

About Us

CENTROMAX is a Nairobi based privately held company dedicated to helping companies hire better employees! Our goal is to provide tools that will help you gather more information about your job applicants in order to make better hiring decisions. These tools include hiring systems, assessments, background checks, services…

Since 2012 CENTROMAX has been an industry leader in providing pre-employment assessment solutions to companies in a wide variety of industries. Whether you are a small company who hires only a few year, or a larger organization that is constantly in a hiring cycle, we will assist you in creating a cost-effective, customized assessment process that is specific to your needs.

Scientific Approach: We take a highly scientific approach to hiring and then give you an easy to use system to assess the fit between a job and a person.


Mantra for success …

At CENTROMAX, Hire the Best is not just a tagline – it is the driving force behind everything we do. From science and technology, to validation and compliance, to sales and service, we stay focused on how we can help our customers navigate the constantly changing face of hiring with the most cost-effective, robust tools available.

Our Goal: To secure trust in the workplace through competence-based and integrity testing.

Our Vision: To see managers make the right hiring decision every time, their companies thriving, staffed with the best men and women for the job.

Our Mission: To be the region’s first choice in pre-employment assessment testing, using sophisticated online assessments.