Clever stray cat mother tricked man into adopting, after checking the owner’s strength, she brought four babies to the door the next day

How smart can a cat be? They perceive the world by sensing organs. The IQ is comparable to that of a one-and-a-half-year-old child, and they will do some incredible things.
An American man named “Jeep” was about to drive out when he found a stray cat hidden under his motorcycle.

At that time, the stray cat was trembling and meowing non-stop.
The voice sounded weak, and for the poor cat’s sake, he immediately turned around and went home to get a bath towel for the kitten.
Under Jeep’s watch, the kitten ate the food in three or two bites, and then daringly wandered around the Jeep’s house.

Seeing that the cat was not afraid of life and was very affectionate with himself, Jeep decided to adopt the cat, named it “Katie”, and went out to buy some household necessities for Katie.
Katie was familiar with the home environment before the Jeep set off, and Jeep and Katie had a great time.

The next day, Jeep went to work early in the morning. Before leaving, Jeep told Katie to wait for him at home. Unexpectedly, when Jeep came back, he saw a scene that stunned him.
The jeep hurried back to accompany Katie. After opening the door, Katie warmly greeted her.
At this moment, the four kittens crawled out of the bathroom, screaming in milk, which startled Jeep.

Katie actually breast-feeds four kittens in front of Jeep. Jeep suddenly felt deceived. She didn’t expect Katie to have children and was the mother of four kittens.
But Jeep couldn’t figure out how Katie got the four kittens out.

So I checked the surveillance. In the picture, not long after the jeep left, it climbed out of the window. It
first wandered in the grass in front of the door for a while, as if judging the direction, and then ran wildly in a certain direction.

Katie came back with a kitten.

After Katie settled the first cat in the jeep, she ran out again, all the way to the four kittens.
Throughout the process, Katie was experienced and knew the layout of the Jeep like the back of her hand.
Jeep thought about it carefully. When she found Katie that day, Katie seemed to be acting. She pretended to be pitiful and won Jeep’s sympathy, so she adopted her.

This was just the first step in Katie’s plan. After it was successful, Katie began to consider whether Jeep could adopt it.
So he said hello to Jeep, and took the Siwa home the next day, giving Jeep a surprise.
Jeep said that he was actually cheated by a cat, and he couldn’t do anything about it. Faced with the sudden increase of four kittens, he didn’t know how to care for it.

He had to send them to the veterinary hospital for a check, and only after confirming that there was no problem, announced the adoption.
I have to say, Katie is really a smart kitty.
When they take the initiative to approach you, it means that they want to eat, or want to go home with you