How to choose the best aquarium gravel cleaner?

If you own an aquarium, then surely you know how tidying up the aquarium substrate is. And certainly, that job is not at all simple.

However, if it is not possible to remove debris and leftovers from the substrate, the environment in the aquarium will be immediately polluted. That’s why you need the best aquarium gravel cleaner to make cleaning your tank easier.

An aquarium gravel vacuum will be able to remove debris, leftovers, waste and some other impurities. The best aquarium gravel vacuum will definitely work a lot better than manual work.

However, there are many gravel cleaner types you can easily find today, so choosing the best one is not easy.

Here are some things you should consider before buying:

#1 Aquarium size

You should consider the size of the aquarium first, why? Because the size of the aquarium gravel vacuum must match the size of the whole tank.

If you have a small aquarium, choose a small and similar aquarium gravel vacuum with a large aquarium.

If you use a large size gravel vacuum tank for a small aquarium then it will definitely be a problem for you. So choose the right size for the aquarium.

#2 Inhabitants

Besides the size of the aquarium, the size of the people living in the aquarium is also a factor that you should consider.

If in a small population tank, the vacuum will never be wide in diameter. It will probably suck these residents instead of the dregs.

So to avoid similar accidents, you should choose the best aquarium gravel which suitables for the residents in the aquarium.

#3 Types of cleaner

You should also consider the type of aquarium gravel cleaner to be able to make a reasonable choice for you. There are usually two main types, manual and electronic aquarium gravel cleaner.

The manual version is cheaper but has fewer features and does not perform as well as electronic performance. However, it is also a good choice for those who have a limited budget.