What Are The Factors Of Best Substrate For Leopard Gecko?

Leopard geckos are easy-going reptiles; they do not take you much effort to care for. However, they also have some special requirements in their enclosure habitat. And it is absolutely essential to consider all factors of the best substrate for leopard gecko. Any wrong choice of substrate can also lead to serious health problems for … Read more

Useful Tips For Using Your Best Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Even when you found suitable bedding for your guinea pigs, there are lots of things you should consider when using this bedding. The best bedding for guinea pigs will not only depend on the bedding itself, but it is also affected by another factor such as your cage size, your time, and your budget. Guinea … Read more

Viper Snake Bite: Things You Need To Know

Vipers are amongst the deadliest snakes that you could ever encounter. Scientifically known as Viperidae, they have long and hinged fangs. All of the species that belong to this group are venomous, which is why they are dreaded. Those that thrive in the tropical areas are believed to be more poisonous. They have a triangular … Read more