The security guard picked up the portrait of the lost dog gang and claimed it, netizens exclaimed when they saw the real dog: soul painter

Dogs are more outgoing animals and need to want to go out often, but if parents can’t control their dogs, they are likely to get lost. What if you get lost? It’s really hard not to be able to call the dog.

Can’t the dog go home by itself? That’s right, but not every dog ​​is so smart, and some dogs go home with whomever gives them something to eat.
Recently, a netizen’s dog got lost and was discovered by the security guard. Fortunately, it was a kind security guard, so he posted a notice, hoping that the dog owner can go to the security booth to claim it after seeing it.
When passing guests saw the notice, they thought it was too scribbled, because the dog used Li Ronghao’s eyes, Mickey’s ears, and a red scarf on his chest.

However, no one expected that when they saw the real face of this dog, everyone sighed that this security guard is not only caring, but also very talented!
Because the real appearance of this dog is exactly the same as the one on the notice, whether it has big ears, small eyes, or a red scarf, it’s all the same.

This security guard is simply a soul painter. To be able to draw such works, it seems that he really likes dogs. With such talent, are you not afraid of being delayed by the security guard? The dog owner recognized the dog at a glance and took it away.

How to prevent your pet from getting lost?

If you walk the dog, you will definitely be on the leash when you walk. If you can control your dog, you will naturally not get lost. Of course, if you want to let the dog run freely, it is best to choose an open grass with guardrails, but the owner cannot relax completely, because some dogs have strong bouncing power and will jump directly from the guardrail. In addition, pay attention to whether there are other activities around, such as whether there are children, whether there are staff, and it is not suitable to let go of the rope.
If it’s a cat, it’s much simpler.