The kitten is so naughty, the owner puts it directly into the bag and ties it to the doorknob, pitiful and helpless

No matter what kind of creature it is, I think it is the cutest when I was a child. Such as human cubs, such as pet dogs, they think the most adorable thing in the world is them! You can do whatever you want, and sometimes their reactions make people laugh out loud!

A netizen has a cat. Despite its small size, this cat is very destructive and often makes a mess in the house. Netizens came home one day and saw that the cat was in trouble again! So, he decided to teach it a lesson. Found a small bag, put the kitten in it, and tied it to the doorknob with string!

This one hand alone is enough to make the cat eat and walk away! It can only look around and can’t move at all! Looking at its pitiful appearance, although I feel sorry for it, I can only say that it deserves it! Who made you so naughty? But when the kitten grows up, it is estimated that it will not be able to punish you like this, and maybe it will fight back!