This mighty and domineering cat once conquered the major plateaus of North America, but it has changed a lot after coming back!

The cats we see on weekdays are gentle and cute, with a little obedient appearance. It is hard to imagine what kind of aura the V587 cat has.

The cat that Uncle Cat is going to talk about today is called Burma, which perfectly shows us what it is like to be a cat with a strong aura.

Usually Burma likes to follow the owner and travel around together…

Climbing the snow-capped mountains in North America is nothing in Burma’s eyes. Looking at the calm and easy steps and smart eyes, it looks like an old river and lake.

To say that Burma has more cattle than us, it is estimated that people see more scenery than we eat, and then look at the momentum of this group photo.

No matter how you look at it, it looks like a hidden hero…

Everything in the world can only be a foil in front of Burma.

As sung in The Ordinary Road:

I have crossed mountains and seas

Also through the crowd

everything i ever had

Disappearing like smoke

However, as long as Burma follows his master back to the flat, his aura is really too bad. If he hasn’t seen it before, it’s really difficult to connect with this rolling and coquettish guy in front of him.

Moreover, even in public, Burma doesn’t care about his own face at all, and looks like a sloppy cat.

I have heard of altitude sickness. Could it be that Burma is a low altitude sickness?…