Bringing the cat home, but being scolded by his mother for “moving out if you want to keep it”, a big reversal occurred in less than a week

For the older generation, raising cats and dogs is not an easy task, especially those who are disgusted with cats and dogs. There is a netizen who, out of kindness, brought a stray cat home, but was reprimanded by his mother: “If you want a cat, move out.”

But less than a week after this sentence was finished, the attitudes of netizens’ mothers towards this cat have undergone earth-shaking changes. Why is this?
Ms. Chen “loves cats like her life”, and Ms. Chen “hates cats.”
Ms. Chen has liked cats since she was a child, so when she was a child, Ms. Chen often went to her classmates’ house to “play cats”.
Even so, he still felt itchy, so he proposed to his classmates to borrow a cat for a few days.
But in less than half a day, the cat was returned to the classmates because Mother Chen did not let the cat at home.

Then why does Mama Chen hate cats so much?
Because Miss Chen’s parents are divorced, Miss Chen’s father likes cats very much. Miss Chen may have inherited her father’s genes, so she likes cats.
But in mother Chen’s opinion, as long as she sees cats, she will think of her ex-husband, so mother Chen hates cats.
After this incident, Ms. Chen secretly hid her love for cats. In order to make her mother happy, she deliberately avoided contact with cats.

One day, when Miss Chen came home from get off work, she encountered a stray cat.
The stray cat was probably starving, and it meowed a few times at Miss Chen, who had never met.
Miss Chen’s love for cats, which she had been silent for more than ten years, was finally awakened, and she went to the convenience store next to her to buy sausages and water for the stray cats.

Miss Chen looked at the stray cat that was gobbling down and thought, if only I could take you back!

After eating and drinking, the stray cat seemed to be lying on the ground contentedly. Miss Chen understood it, and immediately stretched out her hands and stroked the stray cat’s body, as if to make up for the regrets of these years. Happy times are always short. Before she left, Ms. Chen said to the
stray cat, “Tomorrow is this time. Wait for me here. I’ll bring you something to eat.”
any response.

The next day, Miss Chen prepared canned food for the stray cats according to the previous instructions. However, when she came to the agreed place after get off work, she found no trace of the stray cat.
After waiting patiently for 20 minutes, Miss Chen was about to turn around and leave when she heard a cat meowing from the grass.
Miss Chen was very excited, but in the next second, the excitement on Miss Chen’s face disappeared. I saw the stray cat staggering towards Miss Chen.

Because the stray cat was limping to Miss Chen’s side at this time, looking at the injured stray cat in the rain curtain, Miss Chen felt very uncomfortable.
Miss Chen weighed it again and again and decided to bring the stray cat home

Sure enough, when Mother Chen saw a stray cat, her first reaction was, “If you want to keep a cat, move out.”
Ms. Chen said that the cat was injured and it was raining outside, so she could only bring it back and find a cage close it.

Perhaps because of the cat’s injury, Miss Chen’s mother didn’t say anything more.
On the fifth day after the cat returned home, Ms. Chen came home from get off work and saw the cat being released. Her mother petted it and affectionately called her “Xiao Hua”.

Miss Chen really couldn’t figure out how this cat captured her mother’s heart when she was at work.
Seeing that Chen’s mother can’t escape the true fragrance law, you know that cats are more attractive than you think.
No matter how much you hate cats, you will be attracted by its charm after a long time of contact.