The dog came home with a black hairball in its mouth. After the owner posted a photo online, netizens shouted that it should be handed over to the state soon

Many people have the habit of collecting beautiful things, but did you know that dogs also have their own unique collection habits? There is such a strange dog “collector”, it takes everything home, often giving the owner a headache. What it brought home this time was even more unusual, it was actually a living creature! … Read more

The owner is about to get married, the dog is lying on the ground and refuses to get up, the whole family is moved to cry

The friendship between humans and small animals has an indescribable subtlety. On the wedding day, the heroine was about to get married, but at this time, the golden retriever, who had accompanied her for many years, was closely waiting by the heroine’s side, not taking a single step away. After seeing this heart-wrenching picture, many … Read more

In order to drive away the geese in the park, the dog stood on the post for 6 years. After his death, the whole town came to see him off

Dogs have always been one of our most reliable friends, and smart dogs can help humans in many ways. The smart dog we are going to talk about today comes from a small town in Australia, where there are often many Canadian geese infesting nearby residents. A large number of geese excreted everywhere, and squatted … Read more

This meow is “mourned” every day, and on 365th day, there is no love written all over his face, as if the whole world owes it

Let’s make a long story short, anyway, the word “mourning” runs through the whole text today. How much mourning is there? This is the case. There is a shit shoveling officer in the island country who has two cats, one is a white cat with eight-character eyebrows. Although the eyebrows are fading, the whole cat … Read more