The cat looks in the mirror every day and is addicted to her beauty

Looking in the mirror is no longer a common thing in our daily life. For some people who are more ambiguous and narcissistic, as long as they have a mirror, they should always look at them to see if there is anything wrong with their image. In fact, not only humans, but also animals like to look in the mirror!

There is such a netizen who has a cat at home. Netizens have a dressing table, and they dress up every morning, but the mirror has never been put away. And the cats at home also fall in love with looking in the mirror, and like to sit on the table and look at themselves when they have nothing to do! That night, the cat jumped on the table and looked in the mirror again. Seeing the serious expression on the cat’s face, why did he feel a little handsome!

The cat also turned to look at the owner, as if asking him if he was handsome! Seeing the cat’s inexplicable confidence, netizens don’t know what to say! Just let the cat look in the mirror hard, let it indulge in its own beauty and can’t extricate itself! Cat: Damn, handsome again! And he’s terribly handsome , shoveling shit, don’t you think?