The adopted stray cat bites as soon as he touches his stomach. After a while, the man understands: it turns out to be pregnant

Many people are reluctant to adopt stray cats and find it difficult to raise them well.

But that’s not the case.

Some stray cats are also very delicate, and they will become gentle after feeling love.

Unless they encounter special circumstances.

Caught a blue cat home

It was pouring rain outside, and a blue cat hid under the eaves to shelter from the rain.

Judging from its clean hair, it should have been a pet cat once, but for some reason, it is now living outside.

The man knew that a cat like this breed would not survive in the wild, so he thought about adopting it.

With great effort, I caught it, put it in a cage, and took it home.

Cats bite, don’t let people touch their belly

After the man brought the blue cat home, he wanted to cultivate a relationship with it.

So I often play with it with a cat stick, thinking that after a long time, it will be able to accept itself in the future.

But in the process of playing with it, he was bitten by it.

Faced with this sudden attack, the man was also very inexplicable.

Not only that, but whenever a man grooms it, once it touches its stomach, it makes a gesture of biting.

“Does it have any injuries on its body?” The man was stunned.

But after examining the cat’s body, it was found that there was no wound.

Although the man was very puzzled by the cat’s behavior, he did not choose to abandon it.

Because it has strayed once, and if it strays again, it will cause great damage to its psychology.

It was pregnant

Later, when a man shared the story of adopting a blue cat on the Internet, he mentioned the problem of the blue cat not letting people touch its belly.

Some netizens have speculated that the blue cat is pregnant? That’s why it’s so sensitive.

Hearing this explanation, the man suddenly became enlightened, yes, the cat protects its belly so much, maybe it is pregnant with a baby?

As time went by, I found that the cat’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, which further confirmed this statement.

The man was also surprised and delighted. He didn’t expect to pick up a cat, but it was a mother cat~

Later, the man prepared a warm delivery room for the cat and added nutrition to wait for the arrival of the cub.

He also believes that one day, the cat will finally let go of his defenses and be moved by himself.


If you are worried that adopting a stray cat will be unfamiliar, there is actually a way to tell the difference.

That is, you can observe whether the stray cat wants to go home with you.

If the cat takes the initiative to come to the door, or is willing to go home with you, then most of these stray cats can be raised, as long as you treat them sincerely.

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