The dog ran to the river and put his head directly into the water, and the moment he raised his head, forgive me for being rude and laughing

Many dog ​​owners are most afraid of taking a bath! If it’s the kind of dog who doesn’t like water and doesn’t like bathing, it’s really uncomfortable! The most important thing is that the dogs don’t know how to cherish it at all. Just after taking a bath, they will be dirty again in the next second!

A netizen has a Samoyed. Every weekend, netizens take it out for a walk, and it’s the same today. When it brought the Samoyed to a river, it stepped on the stone and ran towards the river. Before the owner could react, the dog had already shoved its head into the water! What the hell is in this water!

However, when it looked up, the owner collapsed! The face that used to be fairly clean, but now half of the face is covered in mud! How is it like a monkey! So dirty, you have to get the car dirty when you get in the car! How to do? Dog: Shit shoveling, there are fish in the water! Look at me catching fish, what’s wrong, I can’t see anything!