The dog snatched the chicken leg of the passerby and ate it, and the owner had to apologize to the other party for transferring money, dog: Blame me?

For people who have dogs, if you go out to walk your dog, you must pay attention to its various behaviors, maybe your negligence will cause harm to others! Or cause losses to others, the final responsibility must be to find the owner of the dog, in fact, it is completely possible to avoid such a thing!

There is such a young sister who has a dog at home. It usually has no other hobbies, just likes to eat. Even if you are full, you still want to eat when you go out! On this day, netizens took it to hang out in the community, and the little sister looked around and saw that no one was there, so she played with the mobile phone. After a while, a little brother came from behind, who was also looking at his mobile phone, and he was carrying a plastic bag with chicken legs in his hand!

Sure enough, when the little brother passed by, the dog bit the plastic bag in one bite, and then bit out the chicken leg to eat! By the time the little sister found out, it was too late! Then there is no way to return the chicken leg, can only pay the little brother a no, and then transfer the chicken leg money to him! Dog: The old saying is that the drip is good, the clothes come to reach for the rice to open the mouth, and the rice to the mouth can I let it run?

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