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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

The 70-pound Samoyed lay on the ground and refused to go home. The female man picked up the Samoyed and left, and passersby expressed admiration after seeing it!


The beautiful woman went out to walk the dog at night, under the gorgeous street lamps, by the breezy river, not to mention how happy this scene is. Happy time is always short, Samoyed had too much fun, squatted on the ground and refused to go home.

Just when everyone thought that the beauty had nothing to do with such a big dog, the beauty made a move that surprised everyone. The girl even picked up the 70-pound Samoyed! !

Is this still the little girl who needs her boyfriend to twist the cap of the water bottle? Oh, by the way, if you have a dog, you shouldn’t have a boyfriend, otherwise you have to take care of two creatures, then no one can stand it!

Samoyed’s heart is broken at this time, can you let me down? Let me play for a while, just for a while!

Well, I’ll let you watch the river for a while, don’t run around. After that, he hugged Samoyed’s armpit even tighter.

Unexpectedly, after watching the scenery, Samoyed didn’t want to go home, he was lying on the railing, and he didn’t want to leave.

The beauty was standing behind Samoyed at this time, pulling with all her strength. It’s just that this picture makes people afraid to look directly, so I didn’t turn my face away and didn’t allow me to take pictures. That’s fine, and the background is beautiful. If I turn around and it’s Sister Feng, should I wear my trousers or not?

Well, there is a problem.

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