The mother dog recognized her child at the dog dealer and pleaded with tears, but the result was surprising

In today’s market, found that there are more and more breeds of dogs appear in the lives of all of us, I don’t know if you remember the most accompanied by our native dogs called the scripture, in the past in the countryside almost every household will raise some soil dogs, because the earth dogs are not only obedient, but also not picky eaters, the treatment of the owner is also absolutely heartfelt, and we also really know from them what is called the dog is not poor This truth?

There is a local dog in the countryside, successfully gave birth to five puppies, but does not seem to want to raise so many dogs, so thinking about repeatedly decided to sell these five puppies, at this time, the dog mother is a little sad, because it does not want to be separated from its children, in the parting, the owner will be touched by the mother of the dog, but suffering from the family situation, the owner is still determined to sell the puppies.

And the dog mother who just lost her child, the mood is also difficult to get better, it was depressed for a while, once, when it and the owner went to the vegetable market, suddenly stopped, and then sniffed something with their noses, at first the owner did not know why it was like this, and then the dog mother followed the smell to find its five children, and the owner was even more distressed after seeing this scene.

After a while, many people around them gathered around, and after learning about the situation, everyone around them offered to buy these five puppies and reunite them as a family, and the owner saw that his dog was so psychic and decided not to sell dogs anymore. This result is really very surprising.

Animals are so emotional, let alone people?

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