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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

The stray dog ​​was hiding from the rain at the door, and the young lady stepped forward to help dry it carefully. Netizen: The dog felt the kindness of the world ❤


Stray dogs, the most inconspicuous animals in the city.

From the moment of birth, it is destined to wander forever, and at the same time, it will not be cared by anyone.

In this way, gou live day by day.

The stray dog ​​was sheltering from the rain at the door, and the sky suddenly poured rain, and passers-by were rushing home.

There is only 1 black stray dog, it walks aimlessly.

It also wanted shelter from the rain, but it didn’t have a home, so it didn’t know where to go.

After a while, it was soaked wet.

The poor little stray dog ​​dragged its wet body to the door of a sales office.

The door was closed and no one was around.

“Maybe we can rest here for a while?”

It tries to sit on the mat by the door, and if there is movement, it can run away.

It has been driven away many times, and it is frightened all day long.

A young lady came to its side. When the stray dog ​​took shelter from the rain for a short time, a young lady leaned over.

The stray dog ​​thought she was here to drive it away, so the first reaction was to step back, ready to slip away.

It clamped its tail and looked extremely frightened.

But Miss Sister’s next move made the stray dog ​​feel warm in such a cold rainstorm.

She took out the tissue in her pocket and wiped it gently on its body.

The little sister was worried that the dog would catch cold and get sick, so she ran over to help it.

In order to wipe the stray dog ​​clean, she hunched over and squatted down, trying to wipe as much as possible.

The poor little wanderer raised his head.

The stray dog ​​looked at the stranger in disbelief, with gratitude in his eyes: Thank you, kind man.

Like a beam of light, the little sister illuminates the stray dog. It never knows that there are still people in this world who are willing to care about it.

Because every time, it is despised and dirty.

Most people are reluctant to even approach it, let alone wipe the rain off of it.

She is like a beam of light, illuminating the way forward for stray dogs.

Veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that with the warmth of Miss Sister, stray dogs will be more brave and strong in the days to come.


Most stray dogs are kind and timid.

They broke into the human world, nothing more than just wanting to beg for a meal.

I hope everyone can forgive them for occasionally affecting human life.

And, you can provide some help within your ability, perhaps a kind gesture of yours can make them live stronger.

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