After owning a dog for many years, I learned that the dog chewing on your “heel” actually has these 6 meanings

I believe that many pet owners have been bitten by dogs on their heels. Why do dogs do this? It took many years to know that a dog chews on your heels, not to play with you, but to have these meanings, and it may also be checking the post!

01In “Chagang”

Many pet owners say that every time they come back from the outside, the dog will pounce on him, smell him, and gently bite his heel.

It wants to smell if there are other animals on you, and it wants to know if you are “pickling flowers” outside. I have to say that dogs are really possessive, and they don’t want you to be with other dogs or animals.

02 The nature of dogs

In fact, dogs have a hunting instinct. This gene is engraved in their DNA. They naturally like to chase their prey. So the dog likes to chase after your heels and gnaw, probably thinking of you as prey.

Because when dogs hunt in the wild, they usually bite the heels of their prey to make it unable to walk normally, and then slowly “harvest”.

03Want to know you better

Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, which is why they can become police dogs. Dogs also know and understand the world through smell.

A lot of times the dog approaches you, smells you, and bites your heel lightly. In fact, it wants to know where you have been and what you have done by smelling your body. The dog just wants to know more about you. , this is also the performance of loving you.

04 The “professional instinct” of some dog breeds

In fact, some dogs bite the heels of their owners, which may also be out of “professional instincts”. For example, corgis used to be cattle herders. They bite the heels of the cattle to make the cattle walk on the correct route and drive them away. Herds and more.

Although corgis are now regarded as pet dogs, their cow-herding genes are still there, so they often bite your heels, which may be driving you away as cattle.

05 The dog is grinding his teeth

If your dog is 3-6 months old and often bites, not only bites your heels, but also bites stools, sofas, plastic bottles, etc., it may be gum discomfort caused by changing teeth. Dogs need nibbling to relieve this discomfort.

06 begging you for food

Most dogs are greedy and greedy. If they see their owner eating, they will run up to their owners, their eyes will shine, and their saliva will flow. If their owners are indifferent, the dogs will Begging for food by groaning, gnawing on the owner’s heel, etc.


Does your dog often chew on your heels?

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