The dog ran to the river and put his head directly into the water, and the moment he raised his head, forgive me for being rude and laughing

Many dog ​​owners are most afraid of taking a bath! If it’s the kind of dog who doesn’t like water and doesn’t like bathing, it’s really uncomfortable! The most important thing is that the dogs don’t know how to cherish it at all. Just after taking a bath, they will be dirty again in the … Read more

The dog is always barking in the middle of the night, the owner bought it a duckbill cover, and the result is really funny

People who keep dogs in the city are generally worried that it will affect their neighbors, especially in the middle of the night, if the dog barks, it will definitely cause the neighbors’ dissatisfaction. In order to avoid such a thing from happening, the owner must take good care of his pet and do not … Read more

Bringing the cat home, but being scolded by his mother for “moving out if you want to keep it”, a big reversal occurred in less than a week

For the older generation, raising cats and dogs is not an easy task, especially those who are disgusted with cats and dogs. There is a netizen who, out of kindness, brought a stray cat home, but was reprimanded by his mother: “If you want a cat, move out.” But less than a week after this … Read more

The dog walks by the bench, and the dog suddenly gets excited: Isn’t this my best friend?

Rave is a very obedient and lovely poodle. Last year, the shit shoveler brought in a friend who had experience in training dogs to help him train Rave. After weekly training throughout the summer, this friend became not only Rave’s teacher, but also Rave’s best friend. Later, Rave did well and “graduated” smoothly, but never … Read more

Clever stray cat mother tricked man into adopting, after checking the owner’s strength, she brought four babies to the door the next day

How smart can a cat be? They perceive the world by sensing organs. The IQ is comparable to that of a one-and-a-half-year-old child, and they will do some incredible things. An American man named “Jeep” was about to drive out when he found a stray cat hidden under his motorcycle. At that time, the stray … Read more

The adopted stray cat bites as soon as he touches his stomach. After a while, the man understands: it turns out to be pregnant

Many people are reluctant to adopt stray cats and find it difficult to raise them well. But that’s not the case. Some stray cats are also very delicate, and they will become gentle after feeling love. Unless they encounter special circumstances. Caught a blue cat home It was pouring rain outside, and a blue cat … Read more