The owner drove the golden retriever to play outdoors, and the owner collapsed after half an hour: I don’t want this dog

There is no pet dog in the world that is not naughty. You said that at home, the dog is still very well-behaved. That’s mainly because the place at home is small, and the dog can’t run away at all. Even if you go out for a walk with the owner, the dog is bound by the dog leash and cannot play freely!

The shit shovel officer rested on the weekend, and the owner looked at the weather and thought about taking his golden retriever dog for a walk outdoors. As soon as the dog heard that the owner was going to take him out to play, the dog, who had been slumped on the ground for a long time, immediately came to the spirit.

One person and one dog arrived at the destination, and the owner looked around and saw that there was no one around. So just loosen the leash and let the golden retriever play freely. This time, the golden retriever dog finally had the opportunity to let go of himself, and the dog ran around on the grass excitedly.

It was not too long, the shit shoveling officer found that the golden retriever was not running, and the owner looked forward curiously. The scene in front of him almost made the host faint. It turned out that there was a small puddle in the grass, and the golden retriever immediately jumped into the puddle to take a mud bath. In less than a minute, the golden retriever turned into a little mud monkey.

Seeing the golden retriever dog arching around like a pig on the ground, the shit shovel officer felt his heart dripping blood: “I don’t want this dog, whoever wants it will take it away!”

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