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How to establish an “intimate relationship” with a dog, these 6 methods, it is recommended that the shit shovel officer try


I don’t know if you have had such an experience: pulling a big dog hard, but not kissing yourself at all!

So, do you know how to establish a “close relationship” with a dog? Below is a summary of a few methods, I suggest you try them~

【method one】

Proper contact with dogs

If you want to have a closer relationship with the dog, you must not rush over to “pinch” the dog as soon as you see it. You must use the correct way to contact the dog, otherwise it will easily scare the dog and make it more want to avoid you.

First of all: After seeing the dog, you can walk over slowly, hug it, or hold its hand;

Then: Gently stroke its head with your hands.

【Method Two】

Spend more time alone with your dog

If you want to have a closer relationship with the dog, it is recommended that the owner increase the time alone with the dog, such as taking it out for a walk and play;

When you are at home, play less on your phone and interact with your dog more, such as: grooming it, playing with a ball, etc.

【Method 3】

Learn more about raising dogs

If you want to have a closer relationship with your dog, the owner can learn more about dog raising when you have time, and raise dogs scientifically;

Then learn more about the dog’s preferences and learn to understand the dog’s behavior, so that you can better contact the dog, and at the same time, it can also improve the relationship between you.

【Method 4】

Try to communicate with your dog in your own way

Because dogs can’t speak, let alone express their thoughts, so if you want to have a closer relationship with dogs, owners can try to communicate with dogs in their own way, such as: suggest passwords, passwords, and Dogs staring at each other, petting, etc.

【Method 5】

Teach your dog new skills

Dogs are more curious, especially when their puppies are 3-6 months old. The owner can take advantage of this stage to teach the dog some new skills. When the dog’s curiosity is satisfied, it will Very happy and willing to play with you often.

Dogs will be happier if their owners reward them with treats when teaching them new skills. However, you need to choose some snacks for dogs, so that it will not affect your health if you eat them.

【Method 6】

Caring and pampering your dog

If you want to have a closer relationship with your dog, the owner usually needs to care and pet the dog a little more, but the owner should pay attention that pampering does not mean pampering.

Pampering the dog: You can usually buy some toys, snacks, etc. for the dog that he likes, but you can’t indulge him all the time;

Caring for the dog: The dog is not a doll, it is a living pet, and it also needs the care and care of its owner.


How did you develop the bond between you and your dog?

Feel free to share your dog-raising experience in the comments section~

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