The dog walks by the bench, and the dog suddenly gets excited: Isn’t this my best friend?

Rave is a very obedient and lovely poodle.
Last year, the shit shoveler brought in a friend who had experience in training dogs to help him train Rave. After weekly training throughout the summer, this friend became not only Rave’s teacher, but also Rave’s best friend.

Later, Rave did well and “graduated” smoothly, but never saw the teacher again.
It wasn’t until 10 months later that the shit shovel officer asked this old friend to meet in the park. By the way, he tested whether Rave still remembered this “teacher”:
I saw my friend sitting on a bench not far away and pretending to lower his head and play with his mobile phone, and then act as a shovel. Rave seems to have spotted him when the shitmaster and Rave pass by.

The little guy seemed to be very cautious. He walked over and observed it carefully. After that, he was very sure that it was his teacher, and jumped up excitedly.

We can feel Rave’s excitement and happiness across the screen.
“Shoveling officer, look at you, who we met!”

The shit shoveling officer’s friend was also moved by Rave and promised to meet often in the future…

Who doesn’t want to have a dog friend who misses you even if you haven’t seen him in ten months and gets so excited to see him.