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Best Substrate For Bearded Dragons: Substrate Liner and Newspaper/Paper Towels

Substrate is the material placed at the bottom of the tank. It holds feces and other waste of the bearded dragons. The best substrate for bearded dragons is absolutely essential for their tank to give them some sense of natural environment instead of walking on the grass tank bottom.

There are many different options of substrate for bearded dragons, but not all of them are safe to use for your pets. In order to help you make the right decision, this post is going to compare two types of substrates: Substrate liner and Newspaper/Paper Towels, which are considered as the safest and cheapest substrate.

#1 Price

If you are on a really tight budget or you do not choose something that permanent like tile, newspaper and paper towels are the best substrates bedding bearded dragons. It is also always available and easy to find, so you will not concern when you need to replace your substrate.

A liner is also a cost-efficient option. It often comes in a roll, it allows you to cut exactly the size that you need to use. That means you will not waste anything. Substrate liner is an absolutely economical choice.

#2 Safe

For reptiles especially the baby, there is always the risk of impaction for them if they swallowed the substrate. This is really dangerous and can cause the dead is possible for your pets.

Newspaper/Paper Towels can be considered as wonderful options for baby bearded dragons since there is no risk of gut impaction if your dragons ingest it.

If you are keeping the baby dragons, you are highly recommended liner as the best bearded dragon substrate. This substrate is totally safe that won’t irritate your pets. It does great at absorbent, which helps you to control odors and also treated with an enzyme that will keep the fresh smell.

#3 Maintenance

When it’s time to clean, this is the advantage of substrate liner that does not contain in newspaper & paper towels is that you can rinse the sheet off with cold water and this is entirely possible to reuse it for the next time. If you clean it regularly, it is will last for a long time without losing its effectiveness.

However, with newspaper and paper towels, it will take you quite a much effort to maintain to ensure your cage is clean. It is requires cleaning and replacing daily. The work of replacing and daily cutting it to fit the cage might make you tired.


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