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In the eyes of the dog, the original owner does these 5 things, which is equivalent to “don’t want it”


Whether you have a dog or not, I believe you know that dogs are very loyal at the same time, they also love their owners, if they can, they will hope that they can follow the owner for a lifetime, but if the owner does the following things to it, then in the dog’s psychology, it is equivalent to not wanting it to advise the owner not to do it easily

· Sending dogs to foster care ·

When the dog has lived with you for a long time, it is used to getting along with you, walking the dog every day, feeding it, etc. But if suddenly one day, you send it to foster care, then it will think that you don’t want it, and then during the time you foster it, it will be depressed and even if you take it home, it will also be angry with you, so if there is nothing to do, try not to foster the dog

But if there is really something that is forced to be fostered, it is recommended to do a good job of thinking about it in advance to let it know, you will soon take it home, in fact, the dog is very spiritual, it will understand what you mean

· Hit it and scold it often ·

In fact, these behaviors in the eyes of the dog are equivalent to you not wanting it, even if the dog is willing to be beaten by you because it loves you, but if you often hit it and scold it, it will be disappointed in you, and when it has saved enough disappointment, it will become no longer loving you

· Deliberately keeping it out of the door ·

I believe that many people like to shut it out of the door when punishing the dog, do not let it enter the door in fact, in the eyes of the dog, the owner does this, equivalent to not wanting it, in fact, the dog is very smart When you close it out of the door, it will not feel afraid but will run away from home

Therefore, in order not to worry about the dog running away from home, it is recommended that the owner not punish it in this way, even if it is wrong, it is recommended that the owner correct its behavior first and teach it, and cannot do so later if the dog will obediently obey.

· Deliberately pretending not to know the dog ·

Some people usually like to deliberately pretend not to know the dog is actually to tease it, but to do so, in the eyes of the dog is equivalent to you do not want it, because the dog is very concerned about the owner’s attitude to it, if it does something wrong, you ignore it, it will desperately stick to you until you forgive it, but if the dog is not wrong, you also ignore it, then the dog will feel lost, so it is sullen, dare not provoke you for a long time, easy to cause depression

· Often but it is fed ·

Regular and quantitative feeding of the dog, which is an important cornerstone of the dog’s physical health, but if you often forget to feed it, then in the eyes of the dog, it is equivalent to not wanting it, because in its eyes, the owner who loves it will meet its wish not to eat, drink and not to starve every day, but if you let it starve it will feel that you do not value it

Conclusion: Have you ever done any of these things with your dog?

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