The owner is about to get married, the dog is lying on the ground and refuses to get up, the whole family is moved to cry

The friendship between humans and small animals has an indescribable subtlety. On the wedding day, the heroine was about to get married, but at this time, the golden retriever, who had accompanied her for many years, was closely waiting by the heroine’s side, not taking a single step away.

After seeing this heart-wrenching picture, many people said: “The dog is so loyal, let’s go with him!”.

Seeing the dog’s reluctance to part, the hostess and the groom were very sad. The dog kept choking and rubbing around the hostess. After seeing this picture, netizens said, “The big golden retriever must not want the hostess to leave .” “It’s too uncomfortable to watch this scene.” “Take it with you.”

The bride also felt very sad, the tears began to fall, she turned her head and cried for a long time

The hostess cried for a while, then leaned down to comfort the big golden retriever. She kept telling Golden Retriever that she would come back to see it in a few days, let it be obedient, don’t worry.

But did the big golden retriever really understand? Maybe in Golden Retriever’s heart, the owner may not come back after he leaves. This loyal and sensible golden retriever is really distressing. Have you ever had such an experience?

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