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Boys who keep stray dogs are disliked by the whole network, two months later… Netizen: I found a treasure


Raising young dogs doesn’t know what they will become when they grow up. Some time ago, a boy came across a puppy, and he decided to stay temporarily, but the transformation of the dog made the boy say “Fortunately, it’s still there!”

The boy’s name is Giwoo Lee. One day, when he came home from get off work at night, he met a puppy.

Seeing that the dog was not feeling well, Lee took it home for a bath and sent it to check on its health. After inspection, the little dog was fine.

Due to his busy work, Lee has no plans to keep a dog for the time being, so he posted on the Internet to see if there are suitable people who are willing to keep the puppy.

After the dog adoption information was released, many people were discussing the dog breed issue:

These words made Lee angry at once, and he immediately turned off the message.

“I’ll take care of myself!”

Later, Lee named the dog Teddy. As long as he has free time, Lee will take Teddy out to play. Teddy also likes Lee very much.

After a few months of contact, Lee found that Teddy is an angel dog, very sticky and very well-behaved.

In addition to being fun, teddy also loves to eat. It has grown up in just two months. At the same time, its appearance has also changed, its ears have stood up, and its appearance has become very handsome. It seems to be a mix of Alaska and Akita.

But none of that matters now, everyone agrees with it:

The dogs are so pretty! With this appearance, it is definitely better than those breeds of dogs!

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