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The owner installed a special “seat” for the dog on the motorcycle, and netizens laughed: This seat is a bit bumpy


For many people who own pets, if you want to take your pet to a far place, then it is very troublesome! If you don’t have transportation yourself, it’s hard to take it with you, because most public transportation doesn’t allow pets on the bus, so will you still take it with you?

There is such a netizen who recently saw a very touching scene on the road. It was on a highway, netizens found a man riding a motorcycle in front, the back seat should be his wife, and surprisingly, on the edge of the back seat, there was a dog sitting there! Generally speaking, there is no place for the motorcycle to sit, so it should be added by the owner!

The dog sat there motionless as Steady as Mount Tai, following its owner to the north and south! Seeing that the man’s family is not so rich, but they still want to take the dog around, it is still very touching! This is probably the real dog love! But still remind you, this way on the road is very dangerous, it is best to have a safety measure, cycling should be slow, everyone do not imitate Oh!

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