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As soon as the owner touches the toy Shiba Inu, he grins, puts his hand in its mouth and does not dare to bite: You are not allowed to touch my child


In real life, some people may not be that strong, but they can pretend to be strong in other ways! After some people can’t see through each other, they can only be scared away, that is, they are set up! In fact, not only people, but also animals will do the same. They will bluff. When it is time to fight for strength, they have already run away!

There is such a netizen who has a Shiba Inu at home. When a netizen was shopping recently, he saw a toy that looked like a dog, so he bought it and gave it to it. And the Shiba Inu likes it so much when he sees it, he always has to protect it under his body, and no one is allowed to touch it! The netizen reached out to touch the toy, and the Shiba Inu started to grin and frighten the owner! This means that the owner should not touch its “son”!

But the dog is just bluffing, it doesn’t dare to do anything to the owner! When the owner put his hand in its mouth, it didn’t dare to bite at all. Where was the gesture of grinning and trying to bite? Dog: Hey, don’t touch my baby! Otherwise I’ll be bitten! Ah, why put your finger in my mouth, I’m just frightening you, not really trying to bite you!

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