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The little owner is too hot, the dog intimately turns the electric fan over, and the behavior is praised by the network: both smart and caring!


With the development of society, people have gradually set off a new trend of dog ownership, and more and more dog owners have appeared. But many people have to consider the question, with children at home, what will it be like for pets and children to get along? The relationship between children and pets is also a headache for parents, but the heart-warming scene between children and pets also makes many people feel warm: dogs carefully take care of the baby at home, and there are many scenes of dogs and children enjoying themselves. So how exactly can a child get along so well with a pet? What can parents do from this?

Many families are because parents are busy with work and have no time to accompany their children, so they choose to raise a pet to accompany their children, through a long period of running-in, children and dogs have gradually established a specific connection, and even said that children and dogs stand on the side, no matter what they do, it seems to be inseparable, dogs carefully take care of small babies, and small babies are inseparable from their own animal friends for a moment. As we all know, dogs are very human animals, so in daily life, we will see a lot of touching scenes made by dogs.

Recently, a short video message sent by a mother on the Internet has made many people who own dogs marvel. In the video, the dog and the little master are sitting on the sofa watching TV, but because it is summer, the weather is too hot, the parents also put a small fan on the coffee table for them, even so, the little owner still can’t help but feel very hot, has been shaking clothes to dissipate heat, next to the clever dog saw the small master’s small action, so jumped off the sofa, came to the back of the coffee table, pulled the electric fan to the side of the little master. The little owner also saw what the dog did, so he reached out to touch his good partner, and had to say that it was really great to have such a pet. It is really not easy for children and small animals to get along like this.

Children and pets get along, how should parents teach their children?

First, teach children to understand the language of dogs

Although dogs do not understand our human language, the dog’s joy and sorrow will be expressed through the language of the body, so as a parent, we must teach our children to read the dog’s body language: the specific manifestations of the dog’s anger are:

1. Make a low roar and grin your teeth

2. Roar

3. Arch your back

4. The hair on the back is erect

5, always staring at you (child)

Teach your child to understand your behavior

Children’s learning ability is very strong, some of the little things in daily life, they can easily learn, so as a parent in the time with the dog, as long as the child is next to, you do not simply get along with the dog but while doing it while telling the child, what is the reason for you to do this, over time the child will understand how to get along with the dog.

Teach children not to stay alone with dogs

Parents must tell their children not to stay alone with the dog, and must have adult supervision to be able to contact the dog. Because the child and the dog are alone, it is uncertain what dangerous behavior will happen.

Fourth, teach children three words

In the process of getting along with dogs, we must pay attention to these three words: bold, careful, and cautious. Be sure to let the child pay more attention to the dog’s subtle performance actions in the process of getting along with the dog.

Fifth, accompany the child to grow up

A child who grows up with a pet partner has greatly improved in terms of responsibility, patience, responsibility, etc., and will also understand and respect each other’s pet partners, and gradually become the biggest reliance on children in childhood.

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