The shit shoveling officer threw the skin of the melon seeds, and the golden retriever was dissatisfied and brought this thing. Netizens were envious when they saw it: This is too sensible!

Although many people say that dogs love tossing, there are always many dogs who will be an exception, not only not tossing, but also setting a good example in life. Below is a live example.

The owner is sitting on the sofa eating melon seeds with relish, and the trash can is placed far away from the owner. Therefore, when the owner threw the melon seed skins, some of the melon seed skins were not successfully thrown into the trash can, but fell to the floor mountain. The golden retriever on the side saw the owner’s behavior and thought to himself: This shit shoveling really doesn’t make people worry, littering is not a good habit, I will use my own actions to influence him.

Then the golden retriever ran to the trash can, and picked up the melon seed skins scattered on the ground little by little and put it into the trash can. Although the process was very laborious, the golden retriever completed it very well.

The owner was very ashamed when he saw the performance of the golden retriever, and no longer dared to throw the trash casually.

It is really a very particular golden retriever. The owner is so rude, but there is a golden retriever to take care of him. It is a pair of very suitable partners.

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