The 5 characteristics that a “long-lived dog” will have, if all of them are in the middle, can live to at least 15 years old

Some dogs have a long lifespan, and some dogs have a short lifespan, which is not only related to its breed, but also related to the usual breeding. So do you know what are the characteristics of long-lived dogs? Today, let’s talk about the characteristics of long-lived dogs, all of them, at least live to 15 years old!

1, some studies have shown that people have more friends, it is easier to live a long life, and dogs are actually the same. If your dog is outgoing, cheerful, has a lot of friends, and is in a happy mood every day.

Then its life span will be longer, after all, there is no psychological pressure, the dog is carefree, the body will be healthier.

2, the research data tells you that dogs that have been contraceptive and neutered have a significantly longer lifespan. For example, a female dog, who is contraceptive or neutered, has a lifespan of 14.35 years, and those who have not done it are 13.77 years old.

So if your dog has been neutered, the chance of getting sick will be reduced and the life will be longer.

3, many people will ignore the dental health of dogs, but studies have shown that many dogs are killed by oral diseases. So if your dog brushes his teeth regularly and takes him to remove tartar on a regular basis, his life will be longer.

Because the health of the teeth is also directly related to the health of the dog, so in order to make the dog live longer, the pet owner remembers to brush the dog’s teeth regularly and try to keep it once a week.

4, if your dog is smooth in bowel and oop, pulling the dog 1-3 times a day, no constipation, the number of urination is not frequent, the color is not dark, it means that the dog is healthy, the life expectancy is longer, at least can live to 15 years old.

If your dog is constipated, the pet owner can feed some probiotics to regulate the stomach and intestines.

5, long life of dogs, its weight is standard, within the normal range. If it is too thin, it means that nutrition is not good, digestion is not good, and the body is definitely not healthy; Too fat is prone to obesity, resulting in fatty liver, pancreatitis, and life expectancy is not long.

Therefore, if you want the dog to live longer, you must pay attention to its weight, not too thin, not too fat, and maintain a normal weight. If you are too thin, you should give the dog more nutritious food, and if you are too fat, you should give the dog weight loss.

In addition to exercising more, dogs should pay attention to low-fat diets in addition to weight loss, so as to restore healthy health. Dog food also try to choose some low-fat, so that dog exercise + diet will soon be able to return to normal weight.

The editor has something to say:

In fact, most of the long-lived dogs have a master who can take care of it carefully. In life, the owner can pay attention to and control all aspects of the dog, the dog is healthier, so the dog will definitely live longer, so want the dog to live longer, accompany themselves for a longer time, the pet owner knows what to do, right?