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In order to comfort his puppy, the owner actually created an exclusive “space capsule”, which he rides for a ride every day. After seeing it, netizens shouted: Mass production!


In order to comfort the puppy, the owner builds an exclusive space box and rides in the trunk of the motorcycle every day.

Many dogs like to travel with their families. If the owner drives a car, it’s fine. If you ride a motorcycle, you can only put the dog on the pedal. The owner should not only pay attention to the road conditions, but also pay attention not to let the dog Fall, but also to prevent the dog from jumping suddenly, very tired. And a British breeder opened his mind wide. In order to coax his depressed puppy, he even made an “exclusive seat”. After reading it, netizens shouted: “We want mass production!”

1 Losing a partner is depressed, and the whole family is anxious

The family originally had two Jack Russell terriers at home, but recently one of the puppy left this world due to an accident. The blow was too heavy for the other puppy, Missy, so it has been in a sad state. Emotionally, they don’t like to play or eat, which can make the owners very anxious. They buy snacks and play with it, but they have no effect.

2 The owner has a new idea to create an exclusive seat

At this time, grandfather Lan came up with a good idea. He remembered that Missy liked to go out for a drive, so Lan, who used to be a factory supervisor, decided to use his craftsmanship to create an exclusive seat for Missy. He first sat in the back of the motorcycle. A hole the size of Missy’s head is dug in the box, which is convenient for fixing Missy’s body and ensuring that the dog can enjoy the beautiful scenery anytime, anywhere.

Then I purchased a transparent glass dome on the Internet and fixed it on the trunk, so that even in unexpected weather, there is no need to worry that the dog has nowhere to hide, it looks like a cat’s space bag. Missy liked this gift very much when she saw it. After using it once, she immediately became happy and asked the owner to take it for a ride every day.

3 Creative gifts became popular online, and netizens exclaimed too much

Later, Lan’s grandson shared this creative gift on social networking sites, which instantly attracted the audience of netizens. Many people praised Lan’s brain hole, and many people left a message below, hoping that Lan could produce this space box~

It’s really convenient to take a dog out in this way, who doesn’t want to have the same model!

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