The owner had just come home and found Corgi feeding the cubs, and he always felt that something was wrong, dog: I wanted to be a mother too

Now many people will choose to raise a few pets at home, now ah dog people are still more, dogs are very obedient after all, the general office workers will raise two dogs at home, because when the shoveling officer goes to work, the dog is locked at home They will always be very lonely, so the shoveling officer will generally buy two little guys to put in the home, when the shoveling officer is not there, they will have a companion to accompany.

There is a particularly cute dog in the dog, that is, the corgi, the reason why it is cute is because it is a small short leg, and the sexy big ass, the corky in the shoveling officer’s house is two, a male and a female, just a few days ago the little guy actually gave birth to a pair of cubs, looking very cute, the little tit dog humming, the shoveling officer is busy preparing food for them, and preparing for the winter.

The little guys are also very energetic at home, not at all like their father, very lively and active like their mother, Corgi’s father is sleeping in it all day long, after seeing his wife give birth, he also takes the initiative to help his daughter-in-law to see the child, this time when Corgi sleeps at home, Corgi’s mother feels very tired, sleeps at home, but a funny thing happened.

Their children are clamoring to suckle, the little milk dog crawls forward to the mother with a rolling belt, it is difficult to climb under the mother’s body, just look at the beginning of the bite, the little guys are also very energetic, several little guys go forward together, the corgi is also woken up, the expression after waking up is also very strange, but also from time to time to call twice, the shoveler also thinks that the little milk dog eats the milk bite too much, the corgi bite hurts, but the corgi’s cry is also a burst.

Shoveling officer is also not too concerned, just go to the kitchen to prepare to cook, did not expect to see the dog mother in the kitchen to drink water, it looks still very weak, this is the shoveling officer only reacted, the living room is who is watching the cubs, quickly run over to see, it turned out to be Corgi’s father there lying on his stomach to sleep, the little milk dog thought it was the mother, just came forward to want to eat milk, a male dog milk from the milk, even if you help your daughter-in-law with the child, there is no such belt.

No wonder the dog daddy barked for a while, being bitten must be very painful, really is the father, the owner just came home, I saw the corgi feeding the cubs, the total citrus is not right, when I went to the kitchen to cook, I saw the dog mother drinking water, the dog father was feeding, the dog father: I also want to be a mother, see the daughter-in-law so tired all day long, I also want to share it!

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