The husky strongly guarded the cubs, no one let them touch, and when the master brought the chicken leg, the painting style suddenly changed

Since the reform and opening up, the motherland has developed in all aspects and made extraordinary achievements, so the living standards of the people have been continuously improved and their sense of happiness has been continuously enhanced. With the rise of the pet industry in recent years, many families with conditions and willingness will choose to raise a small pet to add fun to life, and husky is a choice for many shovelers.

A netizen raised a female husky at home, before giving birth to a child, it is a trouble that breaks down the house and fights, but after it gives birth to a child, it becomes much more honest and guards the child all day long.

The owner wants to hug the cute little Erha, but will always be rejected by the big two Ha strongly, and it is a hand to block, and it is screaming, the owner thinks that Erha usually likes to eat chicken legs, so he decided to bring chicken legs to try.

Sure enough, a fragrant chicken leg successfully seduced Erha, eating a tasteful taste, has no time to take care of their cubs, it seems that these two Ha is purebred, the master’s purpose was achieved, hugged Xiao Erha and then returned to the eldest two Ha.

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