Grandma painted a self-portrait of the dog, netizens were curious to see almost laughed, the dog: In your eyes, I look like this?

Painting this thing, or depends on the talent, some people pick up the pen is a masterpiece, some people belong to the soul painter, although the painting is not like, but the charm is particularly there. A netizen’s grandmother is a painting enthusiast, this day she suddenly became interested in painting a portrait of the dog, netizens peeked at it, directly laughed: Grandma is really a soul painter!

The netizen’s grandmother is a person who loves to draw, but she is not talented enough, and she always does not paint like it. On this day, she suddenly became very excited and wanted to paint a portrait of the dog at home, so she told the dog not to move, and she took care of herself and picked up the book and the pen to draw.

The dog also cooperated, sitting there motionless, very obedient.

Netizens looked at this big and small serious look, and couldn’t help but go up to see Grandma’s “masterpiece”, and almost laughed.

Netizen: Grandma, are you sure you painted your own dog? You say it came out of the Classic of Mountains and Seas, and I believe it!

Dog: In your eyes, I look like this?

I really don’t know how the dog will feel if he sees his portrait like this, and it is estimated that if he can speak, he may curse after reading it!

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