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The bully dog ​​was caught by grandma on the spot, and grandma’s posture of educating the dog is really cute



Pets cute world → the warm nest of fur children. For a long time, whether happy or sad, the fur boy will always be by your side. Happiness is actually very simple. May the world’s dog stars be healthy and happy with their masters!


Nowadays, many dogs are not only loved by young people and children, but even the elderly are no exception, and they like them more and more. If you use one sentence to describe young people raising pets like raising “children”, So the elderly keep pets more like taking care of “grandchildren”. They are reluctant to beat them and reluctant to scold them, and if they make mistakes, they are simply to frighten them. The bully dog ​​was caught by grandma on the spot, and grandma’s posture of educating the dog is really cute

American bully, when you hear the name, you think this dog should be very domineering. Their appearance and size will strengthen people’s ideas, but if you really get familiar with it, you will find that your cognition is very wrong. Wrong. The American Bully, although its name is domineering, does not actually conform to its character. In fact, it is not cold and fierce. On the contrary, their characters are quite optimistic, cheerful, lively and lovely, docile and loving to people, and full of self-confidence and stable dogs. It has a good temper and a mature temperament, and is very loyal and friendly to family members. The bully below was taught by grandma, it’s really super cute!

The dog went to the kitchen to steal food and knocked over a bowl of bones. After being caught by grandma on the spot, the dog refused to leave. Grandma had to pretend to scare it with a broom, holding the dog with one hand, like holding a “bear child”, the dog didn’t look afraid at all, and stuck out his tongue with a smiley face.

The dog was wearing a yellow jacket, and was led by grandma and refused to walk well. Grandma picked up the broom, pretended to be angry, and wanted to beat it, so that the dog would follow her obediently. Seeing that he couldn’t escape, the dog simply stood up and looked at his grandma sincerely, sticking out his tongue as if to please him and admit his mistake.

Netizens saw this scene and said that they didn’t look carefully. Grandma was holding it like the “Black Bear Spirit” in Journey to the West. There are also funny netizens who said that grandma is a bully, save some face for it! Watching grandma educate the dog is really like educating a “grandson” who makes mistakes. The dog must have been brought up by grandma. Looking at the dog’s cowardly appearance, someone who made a mistake can still yell at them! Bully dogs are not domineering at all!

On the contrary, it looks silly and silly!

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