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The cute baby and the stray dog ​​have no barriers to “communicate”, the picture is warm and loving, netizens shouted: I was crying


Children’s nature is not only innocent and mischievous, but their most primitive kindness and love are also the most valuable qualities of children. Children are born with no resistance to some small animals. When they get along with small animals, people will truly see the harmony between humans and animals.

The cute baby and the stray dog ​​have no barrier to “communicate”, and the picture is warm and loving

It may be annoying when a child is crying, but it is very touching when the child shows his love and kindness. Accidentally swiped on the Internet a picture of a cute baby and a stray dog ​​”communicating” without barriers, and it was inexplicably moving.

The child squatted beside the stray dog ​​and grinned at it. The stray dog ​​also stared blankly at the child in front of him. Although they were of different species, the picture was inexplicably harmonious. There seemed to be a communication between the cute baby and the dog. When passersby saw this scene, they were immediately moved by this warm and loving picture.

The dog’s body is very dirty, and the fur on his body has turned black, but the child doesn’t mind. Passers-by took pictures of the child and the dog “communicating” and posted it on the Internet. After watching it, netizens said they were crying because of the child’s behavior, and some people suggested that they wanted to adopt a dog.

It is a good thing for children to be caring, but stray dogs still have many safety hazards for children.

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