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The community advocates civilized dog walking, the owner bought a muzzle for the dog, and passers-by laughed after seeing it: It is really a brain hole!


Now people’s living conditions are getting better and better, more and more people like to raise one or two pets at home, when there is nothing to bring out to walk the dog, but many people walk the dog is to give it a free run, so often there will be dog bites, but still must be civilized to walk the dog, at least to put on the leash, if there is an attack on the dog must also wear a dog cover, this is responsible for others, but also responsible for their own dogs, so as not to cause some unnecessary things out.

Many communities have civilized dog walking regulations, the guy thinks that such a rule is very reasonable, just he also has a dog, so he specially bought a muzzle for the dog on the Internet, so the guy is every time he takes the dog out, he will put a leash on the dog, and wear a muzzle, so that it will not bite people randomly, even if it is bitten to the kind that does not matter, but passers-by see the guy’s dog, they can’t help but laugh out loud, they all think this is a bit strange, how can it be like this? This master is really brainy.

Haha, what do you say?

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