The dog was ruthlessly abandoned by the owner and bullied by strangers, but still waiting for the owner stupidly

This dog is really pitiful. At the beginning, it came with its owner. His owner works nearby. It is too troublesome to travel to and from the two places every day, so he rented a house directly here, but the good times did not last long. Something went wrong, and after a few months his owner quit the lease and left the dog alone.

The owner of the house said that he quit the house because he couldn’t afford to rent it. He didn’t take the dog because it was difficult for him to raise himself now. Everyone knows that it is not easy to keep a pet dog, and the daily expenses are also a lot of expenses, so it was kicked out after the owner left, and has been living under a container not far away since then, living a very embarrassing life.

There is an elder sister nearby who wants to take it in, but it wants to wait for its owner. In desperation, the elder sister can only send it a little food every day, so that it will not starve. But one day the eldest sister found that the two legs behind it could not stand up. When it came to her, she used the front legs, and the two back legs were dragged on the ground. It was obviously healthy when the food was delivered to it yesterday, why did it become like this after one night? The eldest sister was very angry, but she couldn’t do anything, because although the dog knew her, she didn’t want to get too close to her, and the eldest sister couldn’t even give it medicine.

Later, the eldest sister called the rescue center, hoping that they could save this little cutie. When the dog saw the rescuers coming, it immediately got under the container. The rescuers illuminated the bottom of the container with a flashlight and saw it with a terrified face. , the body is still shaking.

The rescuers pretended to leave, and then asked the elder sister to call it outside. After it came out a little bit, the rescuers immediately caught it with the net and took it to the hospital. The doctor examined it and said that the two legs behind it had been maliciously knocked off. No wonder it hides when it sees someone approaching. The person who broke its leg is really too cruel.

The eldest sister felt very sad. It was obviously abandoned by the owner, but it would go to the place where it once lived and wait for an hour or two every day. It should be waiting for the owner to come back. After the treatment, the puppy’s legs got better slowly, and the eldest sister said that she would take good care of it in the future and would not let it be wronged again. I hope that dogs can grow up happily in the future and no longer be afraid of humans.

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