The dog came home with a black hairball in its mouth. After the owner posted a photo online, netizens shouted that it should be handed over to the state soon

Many people have the habit of collecting beautiful things, but did you know that dogs also have their own unique collection habits? There is such a strange dog “collector”, it takes everything home, often giving the owner a headache.

What it brought home this time was even more unusual, it was actually a living creature! The owner raised the living creature as a puppy, but only after being reminded by netizens did he realize that this thing could not be raised by himself and had to be handed in!

01 The dog picked up a black hairball, which is very cute

This powerful dog comes from a family in Washington, USA. The dog has been cute and lively since he was a child, but he has a bad habit of picking things around. ,

Recently, the little guy even surprised the shit shoveling officer. It actually brought back a small black animal from outside! The little guy was black and small, with very short hair on his body, and looked like a newborn puppy.

The shit shovel officer’s family takes great care of this new little guy, and often shares his daily records on social platforms, attracting the attention of many pet lovers.

02 This little guy is not a dog! It’s a bear!

The enthusiastic comments from netizens made the shit shovel officer very happy, and he felt more and more that adopting this little black guy was a correct decision. Until this day, when he saw such a comment from many comments, the whole person was stupid.

This comment is: I want a dog too! I hope my dog ​​can bring me back a cute little bear one day too!

At this time, the shit shovel officer realized that this might not be an ordinary puppy. In order to confirm the conjecture, the shit shovel officer took Xiao Hei to the animal institution and asked experts to identify the breed.

After identification, this black cub is indeed not a dog, but a bear! Black bears are wild animals protected by the state, and private breeding is not allowed.