The owner took a weird toy for the dog to play with. It opened its mouth and looked terrified, and its expression became popular all over the Internet: Don’t come here!

When the owner took out the strange toy, the dog opened his mouth in surprise: Don’t come here, I’m afraid!

Nowadays, many people will keep pets at home, and one more cute in the home will increase the fun of life. This netizen has only a few dogs in his house, and the funniest one is this puppy, whose expressions are usually very rich. When the owner took out a weird toy one day, it opened its mouth wide. The terrified look on the face became popular on the Internet, and netizens laughed and commented: The expression is a little master!

The owner said that this dog is usually an “expression king” and will make a lot of unexpected reactions. The toy he took this day is not actually scary, but a little strange. Other dogs are very curious when they see it, but this one is the only one. The dog was so frightened that it was vague, with a “don’t come here!” expression on his face.

The good-looking dog was so frightened that it made many netizens laugh. Some netizens said that their dog’s expression was also very exaggerated, and some netizens were so cute that they were clamoring to go to the original PO’s house to steal such a cute little guy. .

You can make a puppy make such a surprised expression, I really want to see what kind of toy it is~

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