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The hostess came home with the baby, and the two wolf dogs got up to greet them, and then they warmed their hearts!


Dogs are not only cute, but also very loyal to their owners, so more and more families are starting to keep dogs. However, whether or not to keep dogs during pregnancy has become a controversial topic. Some people think that dogs have a lot of bacteria on their bodies, and raising a dog during pregnancy will be detrimental to the fetus in the womb. Others think that as long as you pay attention to hygiene, it is no big deal.

Not only that, the hostess didn’t send the dog away during her pregnancy, but she also regularly allowed the dog to interact with the baby in her belly. Sometimes when the hostess is sitting on the sofa, the dog will bark at the hostess’ belly, as if talking to the baby in the stomach, and occasionally the baby will move, as if responding to the dog.

Finally, the little master was born safely. When the hostess came home with the newly born baby, the two wolf dogs immediately got up to greet them, and kept wagging their tails. It seemed that they liked the little master very much. When the hostess sat down, the two wolf dogs immediately gathered around and started to kiss the little owner, and their next actions made people cry.

The two wolf dogs stretched out their mouths to kiss the little master’s head, as if they were afraid of waking the little master. Their movements were very gentle, and the dog’s face was full of pampering and pity, and the picture was simply too warm. Finally, do you agree or disagree with having a dog during pregnancy?

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