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The grandfather took the dog to the doctor, and when the injection was given, he also covered his face intimately: not afraid of not afraid


The most feared thing for children is to go to the hospital for injections! As soon as I entered the hospital, I felt scared when I smelled the smell of the potion. In fact, not only children, some people may be afraid from childhood to adulthood, and they will be afraid of injections when they are old. And the animals are the same, who is not afraid of that kind of pain!

There is such a netizen, this day came to the pet hospital, saw a grandfather with a dog to see the patient. According to grandpa, this dog has been with him for more than ten years and is 16 years old this year! However, dogs have been afraid of needles since they were young, and they need to be coaxed and deceived every time before they are willing to come over. And this time, when the doctor gave it an injection, the grandfather was afraid of it, and he covered its head and face to prevent it from seeing!

This is actually a very simple move, but it seems to me to be very heartwarming! It’s like parents worrying about their children and covering their eyes! Grandpa has already regarded the dog as his own child! Dogs have spent their whole lives with each other, and now they have reached the twilight age, I hope they can accompany each other for a long time!

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