After the stray dog ​​was rescued, it always looked at the “beneficiary” and smiled, thank you for giving my home

The newborn puppy is cute, but don’t take it home casually. Giving it a home sounds great, but have you ever wondered how long you can give it a home? Not to mention how wonderful life is, stray dogs are known to be common. Even in places like Europe and America where there is some awareness of animal protection, you can see many stray dogs. A large part of it was left in place by the original owners. They roamed around and had no fixed abode.

Half a month ago, the smile of a stray dog ​​in Thailand warmed the hearts of many people. Do dogs “laugh”? This dog from Thailand has a charming smile. Things must have started to be said more than a month ago. A netizen has a sled dog. On weekends he takes the dog for a long walk. One Sunday half a month ago, she drove her dog to a relatively large park. There is a lake next to the park and a small village about 500 meters away from the lake. Because of the remote location, there are not many people around here. While walking the dog, I found an uncomfortable dog on the edge of the grass.

While walking by the lake, nearby dogs noticed movement in the grass. The dog immediately ran to the edge of the grass and suddenly came out of the leaves. This dog is covered in brown fur. Seeing the big dog in front, he barked at the netizen’s dog. The pet owner’s dog is Alaska. He has a good temper and has a heart when he sees a dog who is not feeling well. This dog’s hind feet are uncomfortable. It looks like a stray dog. To make sure the dogs had no owners, the pet owners waited by the lake for nearly 30 minutes. Finally, he intends to reach out. The shovel officer took the dog home, and the stray dog ​​looked at her with trusting eyes. After arriving home, the pet owner immediately took the dog to treat the discomfort, and then bought some dog food and some supplies for the puppy.

A dog’s smile works. It sees its owner as a “beneficiary”. Judging by the dog’s appearance, it should only be three or four months old. As for how long it lingered outside, it’s unclear. When it came out of the park, the owner felt that it was very thin. After half a month of care, the stray dog ​​not only recovered, but also gained weight. It looks much better now. Especially when he came home from the first night. As long as the owner comes, it will always smile. Smile does work, but it can also be seen to be shy. In addition, it knows that it was taken out by the owner, and wants to thank the owner. However, its capabilities are limited. After all, it can’t immediately return anything. It can only come back with a smile.

Dogs are sweet when they laugh and sometimes squint their eyes. The stray dog ​​is now more than four months old and has become the owner’s second dog. Last week, pet owners made a sweater just for their furry child. Although it doesn’t look very delicate, it is made by the owner himself for the dog. The dog put it on and gave a sweet smile. If you come across a stray dog ​​outside and can reach out as much as you can, I hope you can help as much as possible.

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