The golden retriever gave birth to 5 babies, and the owner said that they would sell them. The reaction of the dog’s parents made people laugh!

Netizens have a golden retriever couple who are usually super loving. Recently, they gave birth to five cute babies!

A family of seven, wearing cute little bibs, super cute!

The dog’s father and the dog’s mother know that it is a child’s slave at a glance. Seeing the child’s happiness, he can’t close his mouth~

The more they saw their eagerness to protect their babies, the more the owner wanted to tease them, and deliberately lied to them by saying, “I’m going to sell your babies and give them away!”

The dog’s father and mother became anxious when he heard it, and changed his face without saying a word: “No, no! Believe it or not, I demolished the house?!”

The owner was not reconciled: “There are so many dogs in the family, and they are about to be eaten and poor~ Who do you think is better to give away?”

Without any hesitation, the dog father pointed to Yorkshire, the dog next to him…

Dog Dad: “Is that even a question?”

Well, no twists and turns at all! When the owner saw the yogurt on the table (the dog’s favorite), he had a plan: “If there is your son, yogurt and 100 yuan on the ground, which one would you choose?”

The dog dad hesitated for a while in front of the delicious food, and finally chose the dog baby, hahahaha the dog dad is awesome!

The owner changed the options to other foods, but the result was still the same, the dog father has a conscience!

The owner had an idea, replaced the three options with his wife, son and daughter, and asked him which one to choose;

When Dad Dog heard it, he immediately hugged his wife domineeringly: “Of course I choose a wife!”

Hahahaha no problem, my wife is the biggest!

Suddenly a little envious of the dog family, so loving~~

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