The owner left the dog in the yard on a rainy day, Wang knocked on the door for 20 minutes: let me in

Recently, many places have entered the rainy weather one after another.

Not a good thing for dog owners.

Letting dogs get wet can easily lead to skin infections.

“Dong Dong Dong” 20 minutes of continuous knocking on the door

“Wow~” A lot of pea-sized raindrops instantly fell outside.

The neighbor was resting in the house when he heard a loud knock on the door next door.

“Dong Dong Dong”, since the rain started, it has not stopped.

Neighbors are also very puzzled, why are people knocking on the door all the time?

And what’s even more strange is that only the sound of knocking on the door is heard, but no one is shouting.

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon, so the neighbor hurriedly called the owner next door to ask what was going on, and let him go home and have a look.

Man rushes home to find his dog ‘knocking’ in the rain

After hearing what the neighbor said, the man hurried back to the house.

It turned out that it was not someone else who knocked on the door, but the dog he raised.

I saw that it was wet all over, knocking on the door with its claws, using the strength of feeding.

His eyes were full of despair and anger.

Upon seeing this, the man hurriedly opened the door for the dog and put it in.

After being in the rain for so long, it was probably angry, and it didn’t forget to step on its own feet several times, as if to express its anger.

“Why let me get in the rain outside?”

That appearance, especially like that kind of “little daughter-in-law” who was angry.

When the family went out, they forgot that the dog was still in the yard

. Originally, the dog was leashed in the yard, and then the family forgot to take it back before going out.

This made it rain for half a day.

In order to prevent it from getting cold and sick, the man also dried it in time.

But it seems that its anger has not disappeared, and it is estimated that it will not be better if it is not given canned food.

Xiao Bian thought, the dog is not angry.

Others have a place to hide when it rains, but it is the only one who is locked out of the door alone. I guess when I knocked on the door, I was already desperate, right?


After the pet is sprayed with water, it is necessary to quickly dry the hair on the body.

Otherwise, it is not only easy to catch a cold, but also easy to get skin diseases.

So Xiaobian’s suggestion is that when it is raining, it is best to take less dogs out.

If you insist on taking your dog out for a walk, you can buy them a raincoat or small shoes.

Then when they come back, check them for any wet spots.

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