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The dog didn’t go home at night, and the next day, the woman blocked it at the door with a wooden stick: it was my mother, that’s right


In the eyes of people in the past, dogs were used to guard homes, but today’s shit shoveling officers treat dogs like children. If they don’t go home at night, shit shoveling officers may not be able to sleep well all night. It’s very similar to the mentality of an old father (mother).

Let’s take a look at the following little story, do you have the same shit shovel officer? This woman has an Alaska at home. Needless to say, everyone should know its power, right? It is also famous on the list of fun and demolition, so the woman is also worried about it.

Because they live in the countryside, most women keep it in a free-range state. After all, the countryside is big, and there is a lot of room for dogs to play. This day, the dog went out to the wild and didn’t come back all night. The next day, the woman blocked the door of the house with a stick: “How dare you come back?”

When Alaska saw the woman blocking herself with a stick in her hand, she immediately persuaded: I won’t dare again next time. And Momo walked towards the woman with small steps, just like us who came home after being playful when we were young.

The editor couldn’t help laughing when he saw this scene, this shit shoveling officer looks like his mother without a doubt. Seeing how scared this dog looks, it’s probably not the first time he’s been caught by a shit shoveling officer~

When I was a child, I would dislike the countryside, the muddy country roads, there are no supermarkets nearby, and there are few entertainment activities. I envy the high-rise buildings in the city. life, the kind of feelings between neighbors that are not relatives but better than relatives, and fresh air.

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