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If you encounter a stray dog ​​in the wilderness, and don’t leave in the car of a well-meaning person, should you leave it behind?


do you know? Many stray dogs don’t feel sorry for themselves, because after they came to this world, they have never felt the love of human beings and the warmth of their families. They have long been accustomed to the days of starvation and homelessness. This is the fate of most stray dogs.

The really poor stray dogs are those pet dogs that were once held in the hands of their owners and loved in every possible way. They didn’t expect that the owner’s love has a time limit. Reconciliation and pain are the most pitiful things.

But some people are so ruthless. They worry that the dog will find the way and find it again. They choose to abandon them in remote places. The pure dog never understands from the beginning to the end, why the owner who once cared about him would become so indifferent.

stray dog ​​blocking car

A dog stubbornly pulled the car door, whimpering pleadingly in his throat. He hoped that the person in the car could open the door and let him in. Behind the dog is a vast expanse of wilderness. Who is this dog and why? Appearing alone in the wild, what is the relationship between it and the owner?

Seeing this scene, it is estimated that many people will think that the owner of the car is the owner of the dog! He made a special drive to leave the dog in the wasteland, otherwise how could the dog be so eager to get in the car.

However, this is not the case. The owner of the car does not know the dog at all. He is driving today because he wants to take his pet dog to the pet hospital in the town for an examination.

Unexpectedly, halfway through the road, a dog sprang from the side of the road. Fortunately, the owner Abe braked in time and did not cause damage to the dog’s body.

When he noticed that the car stopped, instead of leaving, Wang Xingren rushed to the car door without hesitation. This shocked Abe. This dog is not small. If he ran over to attack him, he was not sure that he could kill him with his entire body. retreat.

What happened next was unexpected. The dog kept scratching the door with its paws. Although it was barking, it sounded like a pleading.

The dog stays in the car and doesn’t want to go

Dog owners hate the dog’s suffering the most. After confirming that the dog is not malicious, Abe rolled down the car window and reached out to touch the dog. The little guy immediately understood and tried his best to please him. Abe softened and directly Opened the door.

Without any hesitation, Wang Xingren jumped into the car with a swish, and acted coquettishly at Abe with great enthusiasm. That intimacy was like meeting a relative whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, which really made Abe a little overwhelmed.

Dog: I waited so long, you are the first person to open the door for me, can you take me out of here?

After the close contact, Abe discovered that the dog was very thin. Also, in a desolate field, where to find food? What surprised Abe even more was Wang Xingren’s attitude towards him.

In fact, Abe has never seen this dog before. Most stray dogs are timid and afraid of people. It is really rare for stray dogs to be so enthusiastic about humans.

The only possibility is that it was originally a pet dog, so it was so friendly to humans, but as a pet, why did it appear in such a desolate wild? There is no food and water here, and it is really difficult for it to survive.

Abe felt that the owner of the dog might have abandoned it, but this little guy was lucky, and he met him not long after he wandered.

This familiar dog has been showing his obedience in front of Abe, and seems to be saying to him, I’m obedient, don’t drive me away, okay? Wang Xingren also gestured to Abe with his eyes, and quickly closed the car door.

It seems that this little guy is going to stay in the car and not leave. The aboriginal people are confused. They agreed to take me to the town for a physical examination?

Dog meets the right person

Abe took the dog to the local shelter, and the naturally optimistic dog quickly adapted to the life there, playing happily with his friends every day.

During this period, Abe also tried to find the owner of the dog, but he never found it. The dog should say goodbye to the past and start a new life.

Because of the dog’s lively personality, it quickly met the right person, a young lady from Australia. When the young lady first saw Wang Xingren, she liked it very much.

Now the dog and the little sister’s family live in the countryside. They run freely in the mountains and forests every day, and they live a colorful life.

It is extremely easy to get a dog, but it is difficult to keep a good dog. The simple word “responsibility” is so simple, but few people can do it.

I hope that every owner, before raising a dog, must consider clearly whether he can be responsible for its life, and if he cannot continue to raise it due to unavoidable reasons, please also find a good home for the dog.

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