The dog wanted to go out, but the door card was broken because he was too fat. Netizens laughed and said: Hurry up and lose weight!

The dog ate too fat, his body got stuck in the door hole, and he tried his best to dismantle the door

There is a saying that it is not terrible to love to eat, and whoever is fat is embarrassed. This sentence is also very applicable to pets, such as this “delicious and lazy” little yellow!

You read that right, because this little yellow seldom exercised except eating and sleeping every day, his weight soared rapidly. Until this day, the owner heard a “click” and followed the sound to check that it was stuck in the dog when he went out. in the hole.

Xiao Huang doesn’t take it seriously, every time I get stuck, I can come out, I drill! The result was another “click” and the door fell…

Xiao Huang: What’s going on? As long as I don’t say it, no one will know it’s me.

Dog Companion: Look at this guy, he’s running with the door panel!

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