A 50-year-old man with “inconvenient mobility” has no one to take care of, and his dog is with him all day long, touching countless people


Dogs are loyal partners of people. Many people like to keep dogs, they like to spend time with dogs, treat dogs like family members, and take good care of them. There have been many stories between dogs and their owners, either funny, moving, or a little sad. Let me tell you a very loving and inspiring story between a dog and its owner. I believe you will be deeply moved.

He is a lonely old man with no support. He looks to be in his fifties, and his legs are still disabled, so he can’t walk, and his life is very hard. He was left unattended and had to do what he could to support himself and get by. Fortunately, he has always had a dog, who has followed him for many years, smart, loyal, and very clever, and he is with him all day long.

Although he is disabled, he is very strong-willed and does not want to be charited by others. He studied hard and developed a skill, which is to repair TV series, but because he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t use it. So he came up with an idea, lying on a dilapidated tricycle, let the dog drag him around the streets, win over business, and earn some living expenses by repairing TV series.

He treats the dogs like family. He will give half of the cake to the dog and half of the water. Of course, the dog is very obedient and considerate, pulling a tricycle with him every day to run around. In the evening, he obediently accompanies the master by his side, never leaving, guarding the master.

Sometimes, at night, he would read some books on TV repair, and he was so fascinated by it that he forgot the time. At this time, the dog would bark, and even ran to the side to rub him to remind him that it was time to rest. The dog also stayed in the den next to it, and accompany the owner to rest. He and the dog depend on each other like this. He keeps the dog, and the dog takes care of him. He has been living a poor but happy life.

Life has moved on, and so has the story of him and the dog. He is strong and independent, the dog is smart and considerate, there is so much love between them, their stories are so inspirational, and they continue to touch countless people!

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