The child painted graffiti all over the dog’s body. When the owner came home, the dog’s appearance made people laugh and cry. Dog: I am wronged!


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Dogs are very spiritual animals, and it seems that every dog ​​is very friendly to children. Perhaps it is because of the innocent nature of children that dogs are very patient with them.

A couple abroad who have a white greyhound. It has a very docile personality and often plays with its little master. Not only is the child’s playmate, but also an excellent “little nanny”. No matter how naughty the little master is, it has never been angry at the little master. Maybe the dog understands that the child is ignorant, so try to let him.

Therefore, the dog also won the trust of the whole family. When the adults in the family go out, they will leave the dog and baby alone at home. And this time, when I got home, I found that the dog had become like this, which made people laugh and cry.

It turned out that the little owner felt that the dog was covered in white hair, which seemed very monotonous. So I started to play, I used color paint to doodle on the dog, and the dog was painted with circles all over the body.

Some netizens said that it is better to teach the bear children a lesson first! Dogs who are tortured like this every day will also leave a shadow in their hearts.

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